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It is today’s most important business listing, similar to today’s yellow page listing, but zillions better in its features that give you multichannel interactive interface. So, what is social media? Social media platforms are collection of websites that enable individuals, businesses and other orgainsations the ability to interact with one another and build relationships as well as communities online. For businesses, once they create their accounts and set it up, it is ones of the important social channels they interact with consumers directly.  This is different than your traditional marketing where direct interaction between consumers and businesses are limited. It is today’s e-word mouth marketing you can say unlike word-of-mouth marketing where you spread the word about your business. One of the advantages of social media marketing is the internet’s ability to reach and build relationships with billions of consumers across the globe. This advantage includes the opportunity for businesses to rapidly influence and change buying patterns and products or service acquisitions. Other added benefits are that these platforms allow customers to share or repost about your promotions and thus grow your brand awareness and reach of customers through the traffic it generates for your business.

In terms of social media channel types, there are plenty of channels to choose from. All of these channels have both similarities and difference. The main ones are Facebook which is said to have 2.7 billion users worldwide, followed by Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, Tik-Tok and many more. All of these platforms give businesses the ability to use interactive digital channels that allow a user interface that allows the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Since the last decade and more, there has been a tremendous increase in social media growth. One of the most significant changes is the shift from brands simply broadcasting marketing messages on social platforms to an environment where engaging with fans and fostering communities around a product or an idea has become imperative to success.

The focus is now building relationships between business and its customers as well developing brand awareness, positioning and building communities. It is not simply enough to target traffic and build massive followers for your business as a symbol of ‘authority or success’.

“Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.”

–Tom Cates

Moreover, Social Media Marketing/Management with effectively crafted content is essential to your business and here is why we believe it is:

  • Best method to reach your audience with effective engaging content strategy 

This means that you have to align your social strategy and your content strategy with your brand. Find Your social niche of people and this means those groups of people on social media networks who will likely benefit from your expertise and products. Use your employees to spread the word. It is said that employee-shared content has the potential to get eight times the engagement of your official social posts. The kind of engagement that converts tire-kickers into qualified leads is more likely to come when you empower your employees to post on social media. And lastly, coordinate you social media & content marketing and basically this means that create content that is engaging, interactive, easily understandable, reflective of the service or product shown in its images and a compelling text that sums it all up for them.

  • Grab Consumers’ attention and establish brand awareness.

For free, social media allows you to have an immediate platform for your business where you can boost visibility amongst consumers and reach global audience with ample time and effort. This is because contents get exposure and therefore content publishing in social media is said to be having higher chance at being seen by existing and potential customers. Written articles, video content and images are leading the way in most preferred and audience receptive contents. According to research done by Clutch on most engaging content, written articles were 27 percent most engaging content followed by video content and images. This is why known marketers encourage investing in the above content due to their high quality and their ability to reach consumers effectively.

  • Best place to build your brand’s authority. 

When consumers want to form a decision or an idea over a business brand, they usually check out their social webpages to learn about the company and its products or services. So having a fully optimised Social Media Business Page is an important first impression to consumer and therefore, your consumer realises that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.

  • Great Place to showcase your brand’s Personality.

It is totally up you to decide over what brand personality you want show your audience.   What does your brand voice sound like? How does it represent who you are? While brands need to be polite and empathetic to their audiences, it is more important to find a voice and take a stand.

  • Have a conversation with consumers. 

And in here you have the opportunity to learn your customers thoughts and views over your product and services. Get more input about your promotions, events and any other social content you publish. Therefore, social media helps you establish good interaction, build relationship with consumers, and get great insight about customer loyalty.

  • Get Customer Support 

Customers love looking up a business’s social profiles to get immediate answers and feedback to their question rather than call a customer line and be sitting in a queue for a while. Since they love helping themselves what you can do for your business to leverage.

Develop your reputation as a responsive, caring brand by offering support through social channels:

  • Have a system to keep track of customer interaction such comment feedbacks, questions, complaints on the platform.
  • Promptly attend to their queries.
  • Have an excellent customer service management in place and offer positive, insightful, empathetic support.
  • Allow them to voice their complaints and critiques and make them feel heard.
  • Handle complicated issue privately.

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As you can see the importance and advantages to having social media marketing solutions for your business is immense. Social media marketing allows your business to reach and build relationships with billions of consumers across the globe. This is substantial because this is where you can impact consumers with regards everything concerning your business or brand development. You can shape your brand’s personality and position it to become a global leader in its mission and vision, increase both organic and paid traffic as well as your business profits.

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