Social Media Marketing Strategies

The challenge for this client’s ecommerce business was producing right and relevant content for its social media platforms ranging from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Though all these social media channels seem they would require similar content, they do not. Each channel has its own content genre that is caters to. For YouTube, we had to produce video contents and use graphic design. For other channels such Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, contents had similar structure in producing them. We stack with basic images of the product, its descriptions and call to action model featured in the platforms. Therefore, the solutions we offered the client was creating relevant contents for its social media business pages that highlighted business branding concepts, product features and benefits and overall retail business information 

Moreover, DIgion Social Media Management’s Impact on The Basic Apparel was that it helped build its beautifully designed, planned and organised pages that show what TBA represents- the products it offers in its business. Essentially, this helps the client’s customer relationship and retention because it easily allows customers to navigate and find products and other information of the company as well comfortably communicate with TBA support. Digion’s social media marketing solutions presented TBA the opportunity to present its audience relevant education and information in contents dealing with its products and the retail business TBA stands for in general. So now customers can directly place their orders either from their social media platforms or go to the website and make their orders from there. Further, they can now access business-related information on their own or reach support on the client’s social media pages. This has resulted a greater ease with customer communication, brand development, and traffic audience. 

Pinterest Optimisation

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