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The concept of The Basic Apparel (TBA) did not exist when its project started but after brief brainstorming and thinking of what the retail brand would offer to consumers, we have decided that we wanted to build a place where all things essential to both men and women in their everyday life as well as kids and other things related to home would be found.  We continued to put together what the brand logo and colors would be as well as any other media we wished to incorporate.  The Basic Apparel brand website was then formed under its retail categories. 

In terms of SEO, we have optimised its on-page SEO, of-page SEO as well as technical Seo . In the on-page SEO process, we made sure that all the elements central to on-page SEO was developed properly and inputted in their right places. Further, we started and continued to run technical SEO strategies we felt we needed upgrade to and to date, we continue to improve and develop its organic SEO growth. 

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